Marco? Polo!

Marco was here…and so was I.

Korcula, Croatia

A brief stopover to see the birthplace of Marco Polo. Korcula, the “little Dubrovnik”, is a small but well-fortified town, walkable in an hour. More traffic-free, gleaming marble streets and charming cafes and restaurants.

I stepped off the ferry from Hvar and this time I actually let one of the sobe women talk me into renting a room from her. Good choice. Huge balcony with view of the port, private bathroom again (double yay), charming little place. I haven’t paid more than $30 a night for any accommodation since I’ve been in Croatia (but somehow have still spent money faster than you can say, “Buddy, can you spare a kuna?”)

It was pretty late at night when I arrived so took a quick tour of the city and stopped in to Massimo for a drink. Massimo is a bar that’s built in a turret. The only way up to the terrace is by steep ladder, and the drinks are sent up via a lift attached to the outside of the turret. I almost froze to death (did I mention it’s cold in Croatia?) and paid more for that one drink than I’ve paid for some entire meals, but it was well worth it.

Wandered around the city more on ?? morning (I’ve no idea what day it is anymore) and after checking out Marco Polo’s birthplace, caught the afternoon bus to Dubrovnik. It was a stunning 4-hour ride through mountainous territory, hugging the seaside the entire way.

Non-destination-specific musings:

Things I brought with me and hate: All soap “leaflets” except hand soap (laundry, shampoo etc, all useless); day pack (too small); 10 lbs of photocopied information for Southeast Asia (but too nervous to toss it); wool socks (no prob, forgot them on the bus 3 cities ago); Old Navy sox; black travel pants (too noisy when I walk and they are floods, I look dorky)

Brought and love: silk sleep sheet…I feel like a silk-covered ninja when I sleep!; iPod; $5 Joe Fresh pants, $3 Joe Fresh tee; security bag for backpack; currency cheat sheets Forgot and /or wish I had: comb!!! ; funkier clothes; waterproof jacket; warmer clothes Brought and didn’t think I would use but already have: headlamp (awesome); compass; mime skills Brought and thought I’d use but haven’t: pages of common phrases/words – who’s got time to look them up when there’s 20 people standing behind you at the ticket counter?

Forms of transportation I have taken so far: plane, bus, car, water taxi, ferry, feet.

Hair Clips: A Mini-blog from Cara’s Curls

Hi, this is Cara’s hair. Cara refuses to let me have my own blog, so I’m tagging on to the end of hers. I’ve been pretty quiet so far, but figure I have the right to chime in before we leave the first country on our tour (after all, I AM on this trip too…)

I like Croatia. Something about the air, or the Adriatic Sea, agrees with me. I’ve somewhat forgiven her for forgetting my comb in London (the same comb that has been detangling me for over 20 years), and we’ve made some provisions. She’s been very good about taking me out for a walk anytime I got too smoky (EVERYONE smokes in Croatia!) I’ve even decided to let it slide that she’s only treating me to 2 hair products of the 4 I am accustomed to being plied with every day. Anyway, they’re almost gone already, so soon we’ll have to start improvising with foreign products. Should be interesting. I’ll check in with you when we get to Greece.

PS – people in Croatia do seem somewhat fascinated with me!

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