Lessons from Home

Lessons from Home
Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

Life sessons my mother taught me that also apply to world travel:

*Try to go, even if you don’t have to.

I didn’t think so when I was 5, but mom really knew what she was
talking about. Never, ever pass up an opportunity to visit a bathroom
when travelling. You never know how long it will be until you track
down the next one, and, inevitably if you DO pass it up, 15 minutes
later, you’ll have to go.

*There’s a use for everything.

Both my parents were great campers. We had home-made ultra-functional
gadgets that I haven’t seen again to this day, crafted out of every-day
items. Necessity is the mother of invention.We could have been down to
one single piece of elbow macaroni and some bottled water, but somehow
mom would turn that into a mac and cheese dinner for 5, plus dessert.

I can’t tell you how handy the most mundane items have become on my
travels. Plastic shopping bags have risen to cult status in my personal
travel book. A million and one uses, I tell you. Day old bread that’s
squished up in your backpack (inside a plastic shopping bag, of
course)? Slice that baby up with your swiss army knife, stick it on a
hotplate or in a toaster if you’re lucky enough to have access to one,
and voila – you’ve got breakfast.

*There’s a solution for everything.

I am consistently astounded by the infinite well of patience my mother
draws from when trying to solve a computer glitch or find information
on something on the internet. Hours after 99% of us would have thrown
our hands up in exasperation and walked away, cursing the invention of
computers, mom is still there, clicking away quietly (ok sometimes
maybe not so quietly). I’ve never met anyone with such steely
determination to track down solutions and info. When faced with similar
situations on my travels, I picture her face as she emerges triumphant
from the basement, victory in hand.

*When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Mom doesn’t stop there. She sets up a fancy stand, decorates it with
citrus-themed trinkets and puts on her best lemon-yellow outfit, lemon
drop earrings and matching necklace. In other words, this woman knows
how to take a bad situation and not just make it better, but truly make
the best of it. She turns it around with style and a smile. ******
stuff happens when travelling. With the right attitude and a little
patience, you will eventually end up with a glass of refreshing

————————————— ——-

Hair Clips: A Mini Blog from Cara’s Curls

I’m not sure, but I believe Cara thinks I was born yesterday. She
honestly thinks I haven’t noticed that she’s completely run out of all
hair products, andn so far has only splurged on some $2 goop that has
so much alcohol in it, you can almost see it evaporating every time she
opens the jar. We have no conditioner left at all, let alone any fancy
leave-in frizz-control business. I’ve given up all hope of enjoying
any of that for the rest of this trip. I saw some fancy stuff I like at
the pharmacy, but she refuses to spend big bucks on me. Now she’s
expecting me to be on my best behaviour in India, of all places.

I am in the final stages of planning a major protest. Don’t tell her. I am counting on the element of surprise.

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