Cows, Camels, Cars, Canines and Crap

Cows, Camels, Cars, Canines and Crap
Delhi, India

Delhi, India

I know I haven’t said much about India. One reason is that internet connections aren’t that easy to come by, and are often rather dodgy (see photo); th other reason is that it’s said if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. So I will tell you the few good things about India: -The Taj Mahal was beyond words -The Lost City, Amber Fort etc were interesting; -the salwar kameez I had custom-made (in 8 hours, for $24) is amazing; -our hotel in Jaipur was lovely; -I’ve eaten lots of Indian food; -its great to share this all with my best friend. Other than that….I’ll just let the photos do the talking. My immune system went on strike the day after we arrived in India, citing Poor and Unsafe Working Conditions. We’ve been in negotiations all week, but seem to be at an impasse. It’s been picketing ’round the clock (sore throat, blocked nose and sinuses, cough, congestion), and appears to be well organized and strong. It’s demanding clean air (who can blame it, after a month of second-hand smoke and now this), but I am unable to meet its demands for the forseeable future (Bangkok certainly won’t help). We’ll see what happens next. I’m not encouraged by the fact that 10,000 people in Delhi alone die every year from pollution-related ailments. Life Lessons my mother taught me that DON’T apply to world travel: *Look both ways before crossing the street. Just go. The locals in whatever place you’re visiting are much more adept at swerving around wandering tourists with their noses stuck in guidebooks and maps than you are at anticipating their next move. If you need to cross the street, just go. They might nick your knapsack or tread over the toe of your Teva, but they won’t run you down. Hair Clips: A Mini Blog from Cara’s Curls: I have NOTHING to say. TYPICAL INDIA UPDATE: Just discovered that this computer won’t allow me to access my photos on my USB key (quel surprise)…so i will have to add photos at a later date. Off to Bangkok Saturday night.

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