A Shooting Star

A Shooting Star
Paleokastritsa, Greece

Paleokastritsa, Greece

My dear Stacey, You were a shooting star. You tore across the sky, suddenly, unexpectedly, illuminating the world around you. Lucky me; I looked up at just the right moment. Brightly and briefly you shone, blazing a trail, reminding me in an instant why we became friends so long ago. You leave behind you a path of grace. May your stardust fall upon us, sprinkling all those who loved you so with peace, comforting us and reminding us to live very moment, and to realize, as you once said to me, “what joy there is in just living a normal day.” You will be here next to me at every sunset, at every cafe, like the cafes where we spent so many hours catching up. I love you, and I will miss you. This trip is for you.

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